Most people often say that they are unlucky at gambling games just because they got the wrong cards. Some even say that gambling will just waste your money away if you’re unfortunate. Some even say that gamblers win just because they’re lucky, and their luck will eventually run out. However, this is not the case all the time. It’s true that casino games often contains a chance where you will lose, or you might lose from an opponent even if you think you have the upper hand. However, each rules behind every procedure and wagering can be exploited by those witty enough to understand that gambling games still has its own system – waiting for good players to be studied.

Learning the whole system of a certain gambling game can be the perfect means for you to win, or perhaps avoid high amounts of loses. It all depends on the type of game, and how to exploit the gambling patterns and mechanics needed to win the game. Since there are games that depend entirely on the machine or on the combination of cards at play, we have categorized gambling games into three categories. These categories will help you understand the general strategy in betting safely to become a hustler in every game. Here are the following:


Ever wondered why you can see poker games in sports channels? It’s because these games require strategy. Even blackjack can have a nice strategy simply by betting and changing your facial expressions. These games often requre precise planning and good predictive skills in order to determine your opponent’s cards or in order to judge your bet depending on the situation.

For example, in a game of Chinese Poker, if you wagered too high, it’s best to stay on the safe side where you can win the two sets instead of all three sets. It helps you prevent extreme loss from getting only one upper set or none at all just because you combined the wrong cards together.


This type of game relies mostly on how the very rules of the game, and cannot be exploited by any player. These games often have a special hardware needed to operate and begin the game. The most popular game that’s under this category are the slots – as these already have a system where it releases prizes depending on the winning combination. Roulette is another notable system-based casino game, since the only winning probability depends on where the ball will stop.

The best strategy for this type of game is by trying out pure luck, since these games will only give you winnings depending on what will appear. However, you can study the probability of the slot machine by checking the average amount of spins needed to be taken before you win. In the case of roulette, you can check the probability of winning a certain number or color.

Note: Online casino games are not generally system-based just because you can operate it via computer.


These games rely on statistics depending on the entity that you want to wager. The most popular type of statistic-based casino game is sportsbook, since it relies on the team or player statistics in order to determine your chances of winning. Fortunately, the odds system of sportsbook has made statistic comparison easier since the odds can be determined based on a certain number – since not everyone is a sports analyst. For a better way to gamble here, it’s best to only wager high if the team with the upper hand has a huge comparison with the opponent. Otherwise, especially when betting on the team with the lower hand, it’s best to wager just the right amount of money.

As you can see, these three categories made it easier to find out which type of casino game is more comfortable for you. It also helps you understand the general mechanics behind the games per category because they definitely do have a similar wagering pattern despite the difference in rules and mechanics. Just learn how to exploit as you bet, and learn how to set a good strategy when wagering your money. Trust us, it will help you save money even more, and it might keep you more winnings than loses.

Gambling Isn’t Just a Test of Luck